Tigers face Greenvale Kangaroos at Central Reserve North in eighth round

The Tigers will take on Greenvale Kangaroos at Central Reserve North on Saturday in the eighth round of the tournament.

The 2s and 4s will travel to Greenvale Reserve 1 and Greenvale Reserve 4 respectively. While the 3s will host the away side at Central Reserve South.

Seven players will miss out due to the National U-19 Championships against Greenvale.  Here are the team line-ups for the weekend:

1s: K Padmnabhan, A Amin (wk), J Waters, D Matarazzo (c), M Berryman, T O’Connell, S Mills, T Goodman, M Perry, A Humphries, J Trevethan

2s: J Hinds, A Jasani, A Cross, S Kindlen, G Connor (c), C Hinds (wk), T Keast, J Carroll, T Walsh, L Stow, L Fernando

3s: N Cowling, A Arora, J Hesline, S Khattak, M Kane, T Cashman, B Gore, RR Martinus (wk), S Young (c), C Kapukotuwa, X McGrath, H Buck

4s: M Parker (wk), S Ottens, H Katarey, J Ward, A Becker, P Gilchrist (c), J Scott, R Sharma, C Pedro, A Abraham, C Stow, B McDonald