D’Rozario, Pednekar to debut for 1s against Dandenong

Jonathan D’Rozario and Yash Pednekar have been named in the 1s to take on Dandenong at Central Reserve South on Saturday and Sunday.

Chansika Kapukotuwa’s has earned himself a spot in the 2s, who will travel to Shepley Oval, with impressive performances in the 3s.

The 3s will host Dandenong at the Central Reserve North while the 4s will play at Wilson Oval.

Here are the team sheets:

1s: Scott Edwards (wk), Bailey Moon, Yash Pednekar, Marcus Berryman, Dom Matarazzo (c), Adam Amin, Jackson Waters, Krishna Padmanabhan, Mitchell Perry, Will Parker, Jonathan D’Rozario

2s: Greg Connor (c), Jack Trevethan, Chansika Kapukotuwa, Andrew Humphries, Aaron Cross, Tim Goodman, Zac Sleeman (wk), Jacob Hinds, Toby Keast, Sam Mills, Joshua Carroll

3s: Jordan Hesline, Aryan Arora, Saad Khattak, Sam Kindlen (c), Connor Hinds (wk), Benji Gore, Hrithik Katarey, Luke Stow, Harry Buck, Tom Cashman, R Martinus

4s: Liam Fernando, Harry Gell, Ben McDonald, S Ottens, Ashley Becker, Nic Cowling, Tyler Walsh (c), Marcus Kane, Jason Ward, Cameron Stow, Max Parker (wk), Xavier McGrath