Charles George Winter Stuckey

b. 26-Feb-1908 | d. June-1989

In cricket clubs around the world, players, officials and supporters, can often refer to a particular man or woman who on reflection always appears to be associated in a positive way, they were always there, Charlie Stuckey was that kind of person.

It all began way back in 1926 when at the age of 18 Charlie commenced a senior playing career at the Richmond Cricket Club. The Second World War shortened his career making him unavailable for long periods, but he still managed 186 first eleven games and 5121 runs at about 30, the third highest aggregate in the club’s history.

Charlie captained the senior team for 5 seasons, he won 2 club Batting Awards, and along the way hit 7 centuries and 28 fifties, he was a very accomplished batsman. In association with Eric Ward he held the clubs first wicket record partnership of 164 from 1940-41 until it was broken in 1998-99, and the 3rd wicket record stand of 273 in association with Clive Sindrey in Charlie’s debut season of 1926-27, it still stands today.

Charlie moved onto the club’s executive committee after he retired from playing in 1945. In 1950 he was appointed the R.C.C. Delegate to the V.C.A. and he continued in that role until 1975, from 1969 to 1975 he also served on the V.C.A. Executive committee. With the club’s interests at heart he was a Richmond Cricket Club Vice President and later Club Patron until his death in 1989.

For 60 years Charlie Stuckey represented the Richmond Cricket Club with skill and style on the field and served in the board rooms of Victorian Cricket with great distinction. That he was determined to help the club 40 years after being awarded Life Membership way back in 1941, is evidence of his great love of the Richmond Cricket Club.

The sight of Charlie and his great mate Doug Ring sitting in the stand watching their beloved Tigers in action in their later years, meant the game of cricket was alive and well.

Charlie Stuckey in inducted as an inaugural member of the Richmond Cricket Club’s Hall of Fame for 2009.