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Heavy raincloud gangs congregating at Central Reserve

Rainclouds from numerous gangs have been seen converging on Central Reserve and using it as a place to meet and hang.

On any given cloudy and wet day forecast in Melbourne, rainclouds from at least four different gangs all seem to make a beeline for Central reserve in Glen Waverley and bump into each other from all directions.

Witnesses have seen clouds from the cumulus, cirrus, stratocumulus, cirrocumulus and most worryingly, the dangerous cumulonimbus cloud gang all meeting at the trouble-spot to hang with other clouds and cause a general nuisance.

The clouds seem particularly active on Saturdays, and once they set up camp over Central Reserve, are usually reluctant to be moved along.

Locals fear a cloud war starting up, with at least four different gang patches and colours been seen at different times, light grey, white, dark grey and black.

Local councillor Bryan McSnuff said the recent cloud activity might have something to do with the skate park located at the corner of Central Reserve.

"We know troubled youth have been known to congregate near and around skate parks, it might be no different with these water-bearing clouds," he said.

However Channel 7 weatherman David Brown said the answer to why the clouds from all over the metro area like to head straight to the area was more likely a meteorological one.

"Central Reserve lies in that eastern suburban strip that rain clouds are most attracted to," he said.

"It has got to do with the wind patterns, topology and all sorts of things that have rain clouds sucked into that eastern strip in front of those Dandenong mountain areas."

A nasty looking dark cloud that didn't want to be identified told the RCC website that Central Reserve was "THE" place to be for cool clouds.

"Oh yeah man for shaz!", the cloud said.

"We like that little strip over Centrals man, it's where the wind blows us in from four different directions, yiieeeewwwww! We can just hook up with other clouds and hang, maybe have a skate and drop our loads level 10 style yiiieeewww! Epic as!"

It seems the local residents and Richmond Cricket Club are stuck with having to sit back and watch as these clouds from all directions slide into the Glen Waverley strip to meet, chill and hang whenever there's a rainy day forecast, leaving other areas of Melbourne left to deal with just the odd passing shower or teasing drop.

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