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5 Minutes with "SNAPPER" (Matt Shimell)

5 Minutes with the Snapper  

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with Matthew Shimell

First things first Matthew, let's talk about your Dreamteam season. You got agonisingly close to the big dance, being knocked out in the prelim by the eventual premier for 2012 Paul Flegs. Were you happy with your season?

G'day Snapper and thanks for having me. I've been a big fan of your hard hitting but insightful interviews since joining the club three years ago. Keep up the good work!
To answer your first question, neither Yessss or No. There was a high amount of snuffs in our league, and at the end of the day I think luck was heavily involved. Not sure I will enter the Pinheaded Raptors into the Snuff Cup next season after the league was brought into disrepute through tanking (to get a loved one's team into the Final 8 #happywife #happylife). I'm an honest person and this doesn't sit well with me. However, congratulations to Paul Stingray Flegs with winning the premiership... well deserved.

Where do you think you fell short? Or are you one of those blame an injury/late withdrawal/green vest guys?

I'm not one to make excuses, you need luck which I got at times but just couldn't get the job done in the finals. At the end of the day I got out snuffed.... we move on.

I personally think you were out-coached on the day. You put Sam Gibson on for Priddis, when the Roos were up against Rossy Lyon's lockdown kings Freo - he predictably went on to score a low 60. Errors mate, errors. Priddis romped to a 100+ in front of an adoring home crowd. You live and learn I guess, but for me, that was a coaching blunder of monumental proportions - you lost by less than the difference. How did it feel watching Gibbo pump off 160 against the Giants the following week while your Pinheaded Raptor guernseys were in mothballs?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing Snapper... some blokes (and girls) were in it for the money; I was in it for the healthy competition and banter.

You wouldn't see me within a million computer screens of dreamteam if there was no money involved. You went to the grand final with avid Swans man Al Wise, what was he like on the day? Nervous wreck?

Massive day starting with a 4.30am line up MCC style with Wizard, Mulch and Princess. It was the big fella's first time attending the GF and he was beside himself, he absolutely loved it and took it all in. Pre-game Wiz was nervous but controlled himself well. Not sure how Sarts and myself will cope next year when Cotch leads the Tigers into the 2013 GF.

Describe his behaviour over that final ten minutes of the match and subsequent celebrations.

Surprisingly measured and un-emotional until the final 30 seconds when we all knew the Swannies had it in the bag. For those of you interested, Mulch filmed the Wizards final siren reaction on the iPhone... happy viewing if you're a Bloods supporter. It made sense to continue the subsequent celebrations at the dirty Swan.

On to the cricket. It's the start of a new season and we all start from scratch again, but now the dust has settled a bit, can you try and put into words what it felt like to win that flag for the RCC last year?

In short, awesome and I wouldn't mind doing it all again... and again.

You took a lot of wickets for us last year, it must be a good feeling having contributed so well for a side in a premiership winning year?

I'm sure you will agree Snapper being a fast bowler yourself that there is no better feeling than blowing front boards orfff, snicking blokes out and rattling stumps. At the end of the day I'm grateful and humbled to be part of a premiership winning team.

It's amazing to think we've won less than 10 premierships since 1854, that gives you an idea of how hard they are to win. Were there any moments in the grand final that stood out for you? Moments you'll never forget?

No specific moments... I felt a little anxious and nervous pre-game but once it all got started I think everyone relaxed and it was an enjoyable game to be a part of. I love watching the video of us singing the song, great scenes and something to show the grand kids!

Did anything cool happen in the final session of day 1,2,3 or 4? I haven't got much memory of those after that Carlton Draught bar set itself up on the grass hill at the Junction Oval!

Firstly, the support from the "Tiger Hill" was fantastic. Plenty of "cool" things happened throughout the match. But extra "cool" happenings during the GF included Bill's hour of power on Day 2 after lunch, Doctors pure grit knock and the big Wiz lifting the cup, which I believe you were witness to them all Snapper, so you didn't miss too much...

What about the celebrations? Give a story or two from the rooms or Mad Monday onwards.

The couple of hours in the change rooms after winning a premiership are very special. If you think winner's piss tastes good, try premiership piss... so sweet. To be honest, I found there was a lot of reflection on what had been achieved rather than getting overly looooose. Although, there were a few after hour photos of individuals showing off their premiership medals...

How's life on the home front Shim? Getting on with your mum well?

Yep, things are well with Ruth... thanks for asking.

What's the relationship like there, who would you say "wears the pants" in the household?

This is an inappropriate and loaded question which I'm not answering. It's just your standard Mother/Son relationship.

You're affectionately known around the place as the Dolphin. Can you explain why that is for those that don't know?

Can't remember to be honest... in the last couple of years I have acquired 43 new nicknames (mainly thanks to funny man Jarrad Loughman), and therefore it's too hard for me to remember the reasons behind all my nicknames.

You're also known as a guy who has a head that's too small for your body. Is it your mum or Col that has the small head, I can't tell if it's Col with that flowing white mane he's got.

Just to clarify, my head is not too small for my body... it could well be an optical illusion. The other day I measured the circumference of my head and the result was 58cm, which is bang on the average male human head size. I believe Col has a large pill (although hard to tell), so I'll credit Ruth with my perfect dimensions.

As can be seen below, you've hooked up with a fine Dolphinette in Natalie - and clearly batting well above your tail-ender average. How did you manage that?

images/news/Mr mrs shim.jpg

That's a very good question which I ask myself often. I believe we met on the Precinct dance floor, although Natalie cannot remember our initial "hook-up", and neither can I. Although, batting above an average of 6.38 isn't too hard.

What's on your ipod at the minute? Are you a music man before a match?

I think you'll find liquorice all sorts on my iPod mate... recently added music includes Girl Talk, The Black Keys, Pearl Jam, Mumford and Sons, The Temper Trap, Pitbull (aka Mr Worldwide) and Stevie Mink (epic tracks). I'm not a huge pre-game music man, although happy with the Allan Wise led initiative of 1st XI playing members providing four specific songs to the pre-game playlist (including favourite song, guilty pleasure, year 12 track, and song you would sing karaoke to).

In fact, what is your match day routine?

Normally I wake up and go from there... no real routine.

What's the worst thing about playing cricket during the summer?

Nothing... love it!

Nerd. Who's got the best dress sense at the RCC?

The smooth moving Shane Koop has recently taking over from James Lang as best dressed individual at Richmond CC. Controversial I know, but you can't stay at the top forever.

Oh I agree Dolphin, Langy has been in decline for some time now. Everyone's on the tight strides now and some of those massive Rivers t-shirts just took things too far and just didn't work. And don't even get me started on that beard. Have you still got that flimsy lemon and lime coloured scarf you bought off a street vendor that washed out day in Richmond? How many pots had you had when you bought that? I'd love to see you wear it again!

Unfortunately the scarf has gone walkabouts... I wouldn't be surprised if Ruth put it in the bin. The scarf was purchased from a 2 dollar shop on Swan St walking from the Precinct to the dirty Swan. Lost count of how many pots we had consumed by then. Anyhoo, my then mentor, Justin Jaensch ordered me as a first year player to purchase the scarf and wear it for the rest of the night... I didn't disappoint. My birthday is coming up Snapper, maybe you could get me a new scarf as a present...

If we were to have a night out on the turps, which Tigers would you have money on to pull the pin first?

Tough question, hard to say. But if you want me to answer who I would give money to pull the pin first, then that would be Brendan Adams.

And who would you have your money on to be last men standing?

Luke Klasen... loose individual.

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