Percy Harold Maybury

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Born 24/09/1891 - 1963

Percy Maybury spent most of his working, leisure and sporting life within comfortable distance of the Richmond Paddock and the Punt Road Oval precincts. His father William "Dad" Maybury, a life member of both the Richmond Cricket and Football Clubs, handed down a great love of all that was Richmond to Percy who accepted his affection and work ethic in sport to such a degree that he was also honoured with life membership of the two great clubs.  The circumstances of father son life memberships at both clubs is something that has never been duplicated, and possibly never will.
Percy was a fine sportsman, as a footballer he played 128 senior games and kicked 61 goals for the Tigers from 1910 to 1919.  He was appointed captain and coach of the football club for the 1917 season and was a player for the Tigers in their first ever Grand Final appearance in 1919.  He played cricket at Richmond in the second eleven and in the Club Eleven known as the "Ramblers", he possessed  a great love of the summer game.  Percy was a committee member of the RFC between 1927 and 1933 but resigned in 1933 when he was appointed Secretary of the Richmond Cricket Club, a position he held with great distinction until 1961.
The RCC archives show how hard working and popular Percy Maybury was.  His file is stacked with letters of appreciation from International and Local cricketers, as well as the general public.  It was widely acknowledged that the wonderful assistance and hospitality he dispensed without complaint made the club a better place.  The RCC committee were full of praise for the time Percy spent working on the clubs' major project of 1937-38, a new cricket pavilion that was a wonderful asset to both clubs.
Sporting success comes from stable administration and the RCC during Percy's years at the club was well run and successful.  For the record the Cricket Club appeared in the final four twelve times for one Flag and five runners up.  They also won the VCA Club Championship 5 times. (This award started in 1937-38 and along with the final series was abandoned for four years during World War 2.)
Percy retired  in 1961 because of ill health and passed away in 1963. The club arranged a  Testimonial Fund that raised 1,000 pounds to honour him, and the  Annual Report of that year stated "By his painstaking devotion to duty he has gained and handed down to your club the respect of thousands of cricketers and friends throughout Australia".

We are well aware of the Maybury family's strong links to Melbourne sport, but the world of entertainment is another area they feature in with distinction.
The great grandson of William Maybury is the energetic and talented Australian Stage and Screen performer Shane Bourne.   Shane's exceptional work in shows on the screen like City Homicide 2007, MDA  2002-2005 , Kokoda 2006 and Thank God Your Here 2006 - 2009, show his talent.  Successful performances as the Logies Host and as a Stand up Comedian contribute to the wonderful reputation he has in the industry.
The family possessed fine personal qualities, Shane's grandmother Dorothy Maybury, who was Bill's daughter and Percy's sister, was a successful model and actress, appearing on the stage and in some of Australia's earliest Movies.  William and Bill Maybury's contribution to sport in Richmond was exceptional, and their versatile and talented family members  carried it over into the world of Australian  entertainment.

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Shane Bourne

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