Richmond Lookalikes No 2


images/news/1358599100_Chalks.jpgimages/news/1358599134_Chalks 2.jpg

Andrew Chalkley                                        Niall Horan from One Direction

images/news/1358599511_Watto.jpgimages/news/1358599545_Watto 2.jpg

James Watson                                               ex Lord Mayor John So

images/news/1358599625_Koop.jpgimages/news/1358599655_Koop 2.jpg

Shane Koop                                                 Jason Jack Daniels St Kilda

images/news/1358599730_Col.jpgimages/news/1358599757_Col no 2.jpg

Colin Shimell                                                 an office worker at McDonalds

images/news/1358599877_Watto 3.jpgimages/news/1358599906_Watto 4.jpg

James Watson                                                    the late Kim Jong II

images/news/1358599995_Shim.jpgimages/news/1358600023_Shim 2.jpg

Matt Shimell                        Nick Cummins from Western Force

images/news/1358600086_Zac.jpgimages/news/1358600114_Zac 2.jpg

Zac Wilson                                                                  and his dog

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