J.W.Hamilton Scorers Room



Richmond Cricket Club have officially named their scorers room the "J.W.Hamilton Scorers Room" at Central Reserve.
Today we caught up with Jim Hamilton who is into his 32nd continuous year scoring at our great Club.

Jim answered an advertisement in the Herald Sun in 1986 where Richmond had advertised the need for Team Managers and Scorers.
I remember buying the paper one Saturday morning for 12 pence, started reading the sports section first as usual, then moved onto reading the death and birth notices (as everyone does) then I saw the ad. I rang the number and left a message saying that I was extremely interested.

What happened then ?
I got a call back from Russell Collins the Clubs secretary saying that I had the job as no one else had replied.

Did you start straight away ?
Absolutely, they asked me to come down to the Punt Rd ground and pick up some gear.

Which Grade did you start with ?
I clearly remember getting my Horse and Carriage out from the stables and started the long journey from Endeavour Hills all the way into Punt Rd (they were dirt roads and no traffic lights back in those days) and I was given all this gear as I was not only the Scorer but the Team Manager as well for the 3rds. There was the Score Book, Drink containers, Stumps and Bails, Match Balls, Match Kit, Scoreboard and even Chewing Gum. The ground was not too far away as our home ground in the 3rds was Goshs Paddock. It was ideal because I could tether my horse "Sin Ed" to the old Thunder Box next to the ground. Dave Cowper was the Captain then.

How many games at the lower level did you score ?
I scored 60 in the 3rds, 2 in the 2nds and today I am scoring my 352nd for the 1st Xl.

Fantastic Jim, when you finally got promoted at Punt Rd, where were you scoring from ?
I had a number of different scoring areas over the years, I started off in the original Scoreboard along Punt Rd, then in the open in front of the Social Club, on the balcony in front of the Kevin Bartlett room and even in the Jack Dyer stand.

Ok, how about some questions on your overall time scoring for the Richmond Cricket Club.

Best ground to score at - The Albert Ground (the history of the place, close to the players etc)
Worst Ground you have scored at - Northcote (old timber sweat box)
Best RCC batsman seen - Geoff Parker
Best opposition batsman seen - Warren Ayres
Best RCC bowler seen - Ian Hewett and Allan Wise
Best opposition bowler seen - Ian Wrigglesworth and Darren Groves
Your Shoe Size - 7 and a half
Best fielder seen - Sam Kerber
Best innings seen - Ryan Carters 102 - 2011/12 Grand Final
Biggest 6 seen - Will Sheridan hit a 6 onto the roof of the Jack Dyer Stand
Batsman that would put you to sleep - Shane Koop, but an absolute ripper of a bloke though.
Best cricket side seen - 1999/2000 side

Funniest moment - no names mentioned but a RCC player lining his team mates box with Deep Heat and watching him stride out to bat and running back without even getting to the pitch.

Dogs name - Marlie              Favourite AFL team - Collingwood
Favourite food - Chinese      Un Favourite Food - Tripe
Favourite  Music - none        Car - Hyundia Elantra
Tattoos - 2                            Favourite Sport - Cricket, Football and V8 Supercars

It is your Birthday today, any special dinner arranged for tonight ?
No, just go home I guess.  "Darl"  is working the double shift today so I actually might just pop in for a quicky with her on the way home. (I better mention she works in the Bistro at Berwick)

What about your wife Liz "Darl", she must have put up with a bit of you not being around on Saturdays?
She is an amazing wife Liz, there is no way known I would have done this without her support and understanding
(and permission of course) and to still be behind me doing this after 32 years says something about her, she is very special.

Thanks Jimbo, well deserved mate from everyone at the Richmond Cricket Club.

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