Cameron Medal Award


Cameron Medal Award - VCAUSA Dinner, 19th May 2017

The Cameron Medal Award for “Premier Scorer of the Season” was introduced by the VCA Umpires’ and Scorers’ Association (VCAUSA) in season 2000-2001, following the embracing of Premier Scorers into this association in August, 1998.  As a result of this change, the former Victorian Cricket Association Umpires’ Association (VCAUA) was renamed VCAUSA.  As with Premier Umpires, there is no compulsion on the part of Premier Scorers to join the VCAUSA.  Typically, for Premier Umpires, the membership figure is about 60% of the total Umpiring Panel Membership whereas for Scorers the total membership in any season is typically half a dozen, despite the membership fee for a Scorer being just half that for an Umpire.  
It is noteworthy that the VCAUSA has often negotiated with Cricket Victoria on behalf of Premier Scorers.  Perhaps the most notable achievement in this regard, was the acceptance of Premier 1st XI Scorers who had achieved the milestone of having scored for 200 (or more) Premier 1st XI matches (or above (namely Sheffield Shield, Tests, etc.,)) into the 200 Club.  
This award is named after Jack Cameron, Senior and Junior.  Between them, they had an unbroken association with North Melbourne Cricket Club and Victorian Cricket from 1939 to 2003, with some 800 District and over 600 State and International matches.  Sadly, Jack Cameron Junior passed away in April of this year, at the age of 93.
Unlike the passage into Premier Umpiring, requiring attendance at a series of Classes on the Laws of Cricket followed by a satisfactory result in an examination, the passage into Premier Scoring can involve various routes, such as essential chores as a player/umpire in the lower grades of Premier Cricket or even out in the Suburban Associations, scoring for ones dependent sons and/or daughters and becoming “hooked” on the trade, or just walking into a Premier Club and announcing that you would like to become a Scorer for that Club.  Most Premier Clubs would welcome such people as this last group.
In the case of the recipient of the Cameron Medal for this past season, his start to his Premier Scoring Career was a little different.  In the days of a manual scoreboard at the Punt Road Ground he used to turn up religiously for every match being played there, and manipulate the numbers on the board.  While I have changed numbers on a small manual scoreboard during my own playing career, I have never experienced anything quite as daunting as the old Manual Board at Punt Road.  
However, the mastery of this old manual scoreboard and a love of our great game, lead this particular scorer into the next level of Club Scoring with the result that a couple of years ago, Richmond Cricket Club (now the Monash Tigers) acknowledged his contribution to the Club after he reached 250 games.  His precise Premier Cricket statistics, as at the end of this recent season, read: 2 x 1st XI, 262 x 2nd XI, 7 x 3rd XI and 7 x 4th XI matches.  I have it on reliable advice, that this scorer will arrive on Match Day at around 8:00 am for an 11:00 am start, such is his dedication to his craft.  A further example of his commitment and dedication in this past season was that he travelled to Geelong by train to score for the Monash Tigers 4th XI throughout their winning Grand Final.
Unlike many Premier Scorers, this year’s Cameron Medal recipient is a member of our Association, regularly attending Association functions (including our Annual Dinner and Presentation Night) and has also turned out on occasions to score for social/practise matches for those in our Association who are still able to play the game.
This particular scorer is also an MCC member.  Outside of cricket, I am told he supports the Geelong Cats and, in order “to keep body and soul together,” during the week, he collects a salary as a CPA Accountant with the Environmental Protection Authority.
Congratulations to this year’s Cameron Medal winner, Mr Alan Britton.

Trevor R. Finlayson
19th May, 2017

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